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Friday, November 30, 2012

Forgiveness of yourself and of others

Every day is a brand-new start! We can let go of yesterday's disappointments and give God a chance to do something wonderful for us today.

Each day is a new day and a new chance to better myself. Sometimes I can find myself stuck in my own head re-living a time or event in my past that has hurt me. I am not sure why my mind does this to itself but it happens all the time. I can sit and live the pain over and over again and if I am not careful it can really take off and disrupt my day.

This is not how I strive to spend my days or live my life. I think, for me, it's my subconscious trying to come to terms with the pain I have experienced and some part of that pain is still unresolved.  So I go over it and over it without even really thinking about it trying to fix it or resolve it.

God gave me the incredible ability to forgive.  Sometimes my forgiveness that I am able to demonstrator surprises me.  However, as I get closer with God I am learning that HE is allowing me to put the wrong doing out of my mind and He takes it and deals with it.  Maybe he does not deal with it in the manner I think should be or in the time frame but he has given the gift of forgiveness and allows me to let go.

But what I have came to learn and understand this past year of my life is that sometimes I will not be able to come to terms with a painful memory.  There are events that I just can not change and can not make sense of and the only thing I can do is give the pain that lingers away...... to God.

It has been a hard lesson for me to come to grips with but I'm learning that if I just turn my pain, my sorrow, my confusion, frustration over to God and tell Him to take it and deal with it I can find the peace I have been searching for.

This does not mean I have given it all over to God, it only means I am able to accept it, understand and recognize it.  I am a work in progress.  I am like the construction on a freeway, it never seems to end.  But I know that if I just take it day by day.... moment by moment... and I keep reminding myself.. Give it to God.... one day I will be free of it and I will live the life I was meant to live.

I only have one life.  I do not want to live it angry, biter, upset, sad or as a victim.  I want to live it like it was meant to be lived... full.  Full of joy, full of love and full of great memories.

Thank you God for the ability to forgive and for taking my problems that are just too big for me.


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