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Monday, December 3, 2012

10 weeks

Yesterday I started a new 10 week goal with my husband Joe.  We are going to make a strong push together to hit some new weight and body goals.  For me it will be dropping a few pounds I put on in order to try and gain mass, and toning some trouble areas. For Joseph it will be bulking and then doing a final cut.

People call us obsessed, I call us healthy, active and motivated.  There is nothing like having a short term goal to focus on and keep you motivated.  I know when I did the Max Muscle Maxformation 2012 it kept me on my toes daily.  Each day I had to be accountable on line to other participants and I had to be accountable to myself.  Did I do enough at the gym? Did I give it my all? Did I stay on my meal plan?  All these things were always in the forefront of my mind and kept me going.  In addition seeing other people post pictures of their progress or weigh and and see how much weight they lost really kept me going too.

I am excited to being doing this challenge with my husband and my son has kicked in with a side bet.  He is trying to get off junk food for 30 days. One thing you should know about my family... we do not eat a lot of junk food, especially Michael. So this will not be as big as it might be in other families but again, we are just trying to do the best we can and live a healthy life and to make it a little more fun we have put a money bet on it. 

Goals keep you focused.  Partners keep you accountable.  

I am glad to be doing this... let the 10 weeks begin!


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