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Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new love......

Yesterday, while out getting some food for my family, a woman I know commented on how good I looked.  She has known me for years and has not only seen me having baby after baby but witnessed my transformation when I lost all my weight.  She made a reference to my appearance looking so young I could pass as a teenager.  This of course made me laugh, a teenager? No, no way.  But I am noticing that people are commenting on my appearance and my skin more often than before. 

This got me thinking last night and I tried to analyze what was new for me that would make me look younger than I am and get the comments on my skin looking so nice.  Then I recalled, I switched my skin care product.  

My new love is what I want to share today!

evanhealy is the skin care that I have began using and have absolutely loved since trying it!  I bought a starter, sample kit, at Whole Foods and have now progressed into the true sizes.  I love this line for skin care because not only is it organic but the entire line is safe for our environment.  

I love the day moisturizer because it is so light and clean feeling it does not leave my face oily midway through the day at all.  The Facial toner is light and has aroma therapy in it that leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed. The mask is light yet when it dries on my face I can feel it pulling the oil out allowing my pores to be clean and tight.  I mix the toner and the facial serum oil together to give my skin extra moisturizer around my eyes and my forehead.  

I can defiantly tell the difference from the expensive department store facial line I was using and apparently so can others!

If you are looking for skin care to help with your trouble spots, I would totally give this line a try.  There are several different aromas you can try... I use the rose but have purchased the lavender for friends of mine, who rave about it as well.  

Again, I purchased mine at Whole Foods but I am sure you can look on line and get it elsewhere too!  

If you want more information about the line here is the link to the company:  http://www.evanhealy.com/

My new love...... thank you for making my skin even better!  


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