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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being open to the energy

"A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."~Proverbs 17:22

I have always been a person who sways back and forth on being positive and negative in regards to situations in my life.  When I am called upon to help someone or be the sounding board for someone else, my mind set instantly changes to positive and I can pull out support like no other.  When I am alone in my own thoughts and have to support my situations it can be a different story for me.

I know and understand positive thinking can change your life. I understand it can change the way your body reacts to sickness and stress.  I understand positive thinking can change the way people react
to you... I get all of this and believe it 100%.

Positive thinking does not mean you keep your head buried in the sand and pretend negative things are not going on around you.  It means that you attempt, in the best of your ability,  to approach those negative situations with a different outlook.  Perhaps you talk to yourself, telling yourself it's not that bad or there could be worse things.  Perhaps you look at the situation from a different perspective allowing you to find peace in what may be going on around you.  Or perhaps you just come to the understanding that you can not control this moment so you are going to make the best of it.  Positive thinking has a million different definitions, but it's up to each of us to find out what works best.

Yesterday I was introduced to a person who was to assist me in healing myself.   I am not going to give this man a title or a predetermined label, I am only going to refer to him as someone who has a light within himself that he shares with others who needs it.

I spent two hours with this man, who I will call Jack. Jack has the ability to see things, feel things as well as the ability to share messages that he gets from other "beings" that he then passes on.  Jack wants to help me understand that I have the ability to bring light not only into my life but into the lives of others.  Jack advised me that I hold onto things so tightly that they are affecting my body and I am preventing the ability to allow new light and love to come into my life. 

Jack says the energy that I hold onto in my body is like pond water.  Stale, stagnate and icky.  Jack advised me that my energy is meant to be like a light on a street corner.  He advised me when the world is full of darkness and there is only one light  lite on the street... that one light is me.  He advised me that people are drawn to me and that light, but that at this time I only allow it to shine partially.

 Jack continued to share with me that because I have closed myself down to my own energy I have also closed myself down to healing and letting go of the past.  I hold so tightly onto feelings and past hurts that it just sits inside me with no where to go and no way to heal.  I could go on about this meeting, and I am sure I will in other blogs, but the first message I want to share and be able to really focus my attention on is allowing to let go.  

Jack could not have been more spot on with me and that lack of my ability to let go of the past.  Regardless of how strong I feel or think I am in the moment, not releasing those feelings or past experiences has continued to reside in my body and soul.  

According to the articles on Science and Meditation by Anando:

Socrates said that energy, or soul, is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy – pure energy which was there before man and other material things like the earth came along.
However at the end of the seventeenth century Newtonian physics became the corner-stone of science, and it was based on the theory that there is only matter and nothing else – the whole universe is a machine, made of matter, and so are we. Medical science is still stuck in the Newtonian concept, even though the rest of science has now moved on to quantum physics.

Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. It says an atom is actually an invisible force field, a kind of miniature tornado, which emits waves of electrical energy.
Those energy waves can be measured and their effects seen, but they are not a material reality, they have no substance because they are… well, just electricity. So science now embraces the idea that the universe is made of energy.

We are of course made up of atoms. And atoms are continuously giving off, and absorbing, light and energy, all the time. It doesn’t stop even when we sleep. Every cell in the body has its atoms lined up in such a way that it has a negative and a positive voltage, inside and outside. So every cell in our body is a miniature battery. Each cell has 1.4 volts of energy – not much, but when you multiply by the number of cells in your body (50 trillion) you get a total voltage of 700 trillion volts of electricity in your body.  This is what the Chinese call ‘chi’, and is also the energy used in hands on healing. 

The understanding that I am coming to is learning how to process that we are all made up of energy.  Not only are we made of energy but we have the ability to CONTROL that energy.  We have the ability to project our own energy onto one another to assist that person in their needs.  We have the ability to control our energy within ourselves to find a better balance in our bodies allowing the body to function properly.  

So many times I have felt in my own life a feeling of heaviness and being weighed down.  I will not pretend to understand fully how this has affected my life, my relationships, my family and my friends.  But what I am coming to understand is it doesn't have to anymore. 

When I was diagnosed with MS I was told I needed to change my life.  I needed to slow down, reduce my stress and find ways to prevent relapses.  One of the suggestions I read about was having energy work done.  I recall at the time thinking to myself, I am not a person of the Heavens and stars and the universe being lined up.  I don't care what my astrological sign is or what message I put out into the universe.  To me it was all whack-a-doo talk.

Yet after meeting with Jack yesterday and he being able to sense my energy and share things with me I feel as if a door is starting to open.  This does not mean you are going to see me lighting candles or putting crystals all over my house but it does mean that I am going to allow myself to look at my life from another point of view.

When I train people to get healthy and they share with me all the tricks they are doing or all the shortcuts they are taking I always come back to one question for them...... "How is that working for you?"  The answer is the same... it's not or they wouldn't be seeking my assistance.  The same applies to understanding the energy in my own body and how it affects me on a daily bases. 

Because I finally am able to accept that my body is full of energy and that my energy is not flowing as it should I am excited to venture out into the world and start learning and speaking to others about energy work.  I really feel like this meeting with Jack came at a moment not too soon.  As I have spent the past few weeks having relapses with the MS and virtually not changing much in my life I feel like his introduction is my slap in the face, if you will, to finally dig in deep and learn how to control my energy.

So many of us have so much to offer one another when it comes to our daily lives. We support each other, we listen to one another and we offer advise or wisdom.  But are we properly functioning inside allowing the energy that has been given to us to flow and heal ourselves?  Are we holding on to old stagnant water that is sitting like a dirty pond inside us trying to grow disease and disrepair?  

Life has never been black or white for me, there has always been other options and views.  There has always been hope followed with prayers.  There is still room for all of that but now I think it's time to look to another way of life and look towards the light and energy inside myself and see what I really am capable of doing.  I truly believe as well, that energy work is going to help and reduce my MS symptoms, and prevent further growth.

Time to release this ball of energy and see what the world has in store for me now!

 Make it a great day~




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