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Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for the blessings of my life.  Thank you for seeing me through the times in my life where I have felt lost and alone.  Even though at the time I thought you had left me I know in my heart that you were there right next to me always whispering in my soul.

Lord please bless my kids in their school year this year. Let them each have a great experience that not only brings them joy and friendships but an even greater feeling of self worth and confidence.  Speak to each of them to let them know they are loved by You and that You are always with them.  Help them know they are not alone and in times of their own darkness they will be able to see the love of You and their family.  Lay your hands on them to keep them safe and feeling safe and allow me the knowledge to guide and lead them to the path that leads to You.  Send your angels to protect them and surround them with Your grace.

Lord forgive my moments of doubt in You and forgive my desire to take control of my own life.  Help me be strong in You so that I am strong in my life.  Bring to me Your desires for my life so that I may do good in the world and in someone's life.  I know my life is to be bigger than it is, open my eyes to Your vision and open my heart to Your faith.

Hear the secrets of my soul and lead me in Your direction.

In Jesus name I pray.... amen.

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