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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life is Messy......

My morning routine is pretty typical each weekday.  I get up, wake up the littles to get them dressed and go down and make breakfast.  I take out the dogs, feed the kids, take a shower, get myself ready, make my bed and then off to school we all go.  I drop the dog at doggy-daycare and return home to finish cleaning up the morning mess.  I get a load of laundry going, both dishwashers running, I make my shakes for the morning and sit down at my desk.  I will either blog first thing or I will listen to one of my favorite speakers, James Macdonald, to hear a message of faith and hope.  I then log into my desk and begin working the for day.  This is the routine I have and it really doesn't vary too much on any given weekday.

Today , when I returned home to continue with my routine my first feeling was of distress.  I had left more dishes than I normally do, I had more picking up than normally and I began to feel stressed and pressured to hurry up and get it all done so that I did not fall behind in my morning.  As I was standing in my kitchen going through my list of tasks in my head that I needed to accomplish in my home and for work I heard a little voice speak to me.

"Mellie, it's okay.  You're so blessed. Life is messy is is not a reflection on you."

It is not a reflection on me?
What did that mean?

And just as fast as I asked myself that question I knew the answer.

It's not a reflection on me as a mother or a woman if my house is a little messy.  It's not a reflection on me that there are 6 plates in the sink that have not been loaded in the dishwasher.  It's not a refection on me if my older boys had friends over late last night and the downstairs is a mess. It's not a refection on me if my littles have 12 piles of legos set out all over the floor because they are working on some big project (as they describe it).  It's not a reflection on me if I have folded laundry on my laundry room counter that is not put away.  It's not a reflection on me if there is dog hair all over the house.

Oh wait... it IS a reflection on me, a GOOD reflection.

It came to me that I was thinking of this as a negative when really it is a positive.  Each little mess in my house reflects that kind of home I provide for my family.  I help give them security, so of course favorite blankets are laying all around the kitchen where the littles eat their breakfast.  Dirty dishes are scattered around the house because I am able to help provide them with healthy foods to eat and treats to enjoy.  Laundry is in little piles in each room because everyone has clothes to wear.  Legos take over an entire play room because imaginations are being used. The downstairs is full of empty coke cans, dishes, empty cookie boxes and 6 sleeping boys because I help provide a fun and safe location for the teenagers to all meet and stay over at.  Dog hair is all over my house because I help provide my children with a pet who they love, take care of and who also protects our home. Providing my family with a safe, happy and full of life home to live in is not a negative reflection it's the BEST reflection.

I am secure in who I am.  I am a secure woman, friend and mother. Who as I become older understand more and more not only my value in this world but that the life I live is a reflection on the life my children will have and grow to have.  If I walked around full of anxiety and stressing over little things in life, such as a messy house, than that is not walking in life at all. I am doing my children no good in their future and no good in the future of their own families.   I do a good job.  I am a good mother and I am a good friend and anyone who does not think that of me, simply does not know me for who I really am.

My house may be a little messy at times, but life is messy and I would rather die today with a house full of happy kids and little messes than a house full of stress and worries.

Have a messy day!!


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