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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am......

If you have been following my blog you know these cards are called the I Am...... Cards.  The idea is to pull a card each day to read a positive affirmation to fill your mind with.  By focusing on positive thoughts, you can change how you feel and the way you think.  It's a simple way to experience life in a new and exciting way, and to explore your mind with the thought behind the "I am".... card of the day.

This comes a day after a friend at my gym told me that he is always amazed at how my smile alone can draw so many people to me.  He said others are instinctively drawn to me because of my qualities as a person and the charisma I possess.

Fast forward to today and my "I am..." card is right along with that conversation.  This to me is a message from God that I need to understand more and share with others today.

I am.... magnetic. 

Yes, this is true. 

This does not mean that I feel the need or go out of my way to be the life of the party or the funniest person in the room.  To me, I am magnetic because of the energy I put into the world. 

I am not one for small talk. I would rather sit in silence than have to feel like I have to keep a conversation going with any person.  If there is nothing to talk about then silence is okay with me!.  With the lack of desire to small talk it always amazes me how many people always approach me and want to do just that, chit chat.  But I understand I give off the energy that I am approachable and warm. I know this about me.  This is not me being a narcissist, I am just comfortable with who I am and know that I am an approachable and a warm person to those around me. (Now, if you cross me you will see a different side of Mellie) I think the energy I put off when speaking to others, most of the time, is a selfless interest in the other person and this adds to me being magnetic.

I am a simple person.  I have a handful of friends who are close to myself and my littles.  But I have many friends who I interact with on a daily bases because of my personality.  They seek my assistance, sometimes guidance and others times just an understanding of what they are going through.  They are drawn to me by seeing the relationships I have with others and they want to experience that in some way as well.  I do not "collect" friends to make myself feel better or to appear to be something I am not.  But when someone seeks me out, and they are a  true and genuine person I am happy to get to know them and friend them in the manner that they need from me.

There have been many people in my life who have been apart of me in huge ways.  They may have been with my family and I daily for months or years and then suddenly just leave the relationship.  It took me a long time to understand this was nothing personal against me or that I was doing something wrong.  I understand that some people come into our lives for a certain time only.  They achieve the unwritten needs they wanted or they assist me in my time of need and then they move on.  It's okay to experience this kind of friendship and it's accepting to know that we were able to be there for one another even if it did not last.  These sort of friendships come from being magnetic too because you draw them to you and then when they are fulfilled they leave again.  I truly believe in my heart that we meet certain people at different stages of our lives and their friendship is only to serve a purpose for each other at that time.  And when that friendship ends, although it is sad,  it's always remembered fondly and you know the lesson. 

Being magnetic has brought me many opportunities in my life and I really feel will only continue to bring me more.  As I understand this characteristic about myself  it makes me more confident in myself and allows me to be even more open to those around me thus making me even more magnetic. 

I love helping people.  In every and any way.  (EXCEPT for moving, I hate to move at all for myself or for anyone.. so please don't ask me to help)  I love helping people at work, when I have the opportunity.  I love helping people get healthy.  I love supporting companies of people I know.  I love motivating others. I love assisting someone to better their life in anyway I can.  If I can help someone, I am the person who will be the first to stand up and do it.  This makes me magnetic as well.

As I sit and look at this card even longer I am finding that my message today from God, or the Universe, however you want to look at it is that I am suppose to learn to be even more magnetic and by doing this others will see me and follow and open up their magnetic personality too improving on their lives.

So if this is you, and you are feeling like you are magnetic and want to improve on your life I thought of some suggestions that might help you, and remind me at the same time, that we can always improve on who we are and be even better than we were the day before.

  • Communicate with others in a sincere manner.  Let them know that they matter and their life story is important to you.  Don't seek out to fix them, but listen to them and hear what they are saying and offer up what you can of yourself to help them out.  Most of the time I find the best thing I can offer someone is just being present for them.
  •  Express and live your purpose daily.  Others are drawn to people with a purpose that show not only their triumphs but their struggles.  I am one to put my struggles out into the world so that others know they are not alone.  I think this really is gift for others because they may be so down on themselves if they see you have issues that line up with them they will feel less alone or less like they are beneath everyone.
  • Always seek the best in someone. It's so hard not to judge one another, but when we really can take a step back and look for the good in everyone this draws out the good in that person.
  • Be enthusiastic.  There are days when I am tired, gloomy and fed up with things around me and I may just want to put my head in a pillow and hide.  But when I go out into public, the first thing I do is put a smile on my face and kick my energy level up to the next level.  There is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that I love.  "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
  • Always keep your sense of humor.  There is nothing better than breaking the ice or making someone feel at east with humor.  This does not mean we have to act like the class clown, but I find when someone approaches me and they are in a sensitive place I am able to help ease them with a joke or two.. usually at my own expense.
  • Reflect radiance and grace. Let others feel the glow and warmth from you.  Your radiance and grace is an inner beauty that you should allow out as much as possible.  Captivate others with your smile, love and grace because we all know there are enough people bringing the negative to this world already.
  • Be a selfless servant with others.  Take the concerns, interest and needs of others into consideration and continue to understand and lean what it is like to be selfless.  This not only will touch the lives of so many but it will improve your life as well.  You will get back what you put out. This will inspire them to be the same way to other people in their lives too. 
  • Smile at all times.  This is a non vocal way for you to invite others into your life and let them know your door is open.  Be aware not all will smile back and not all will respond positively but keep smiling at them every chance you can until the one day when you will break down their walls and they will let you into their lives and then you can really make a difference with them.
  • Understand that you will not be able to please everyone.  You do not need to worry about what others think of you or say about you.  It is not up to you to make a good impression on everyone, it is only up to you to be who you are and continue to try and improve on who you are daily.  People will come against you.  Others will tell stories about you to make themselves look better.  Others will attack and make implications that you are not a real person.  But hold steady.  Continue to do the things you do, or the things I have listed above, and rise above it all with grace.  And one day, probably later in life, the haters will recall your demeanor and start to live their lives that way as well.  You are who you are and the example you show is more powerful than the words you say.

I hope these little brainstorms can reach one or two people out there today and speak to them like my card spoke to me today.  We are in all in this life together, some for bigger reasons than others but none of us is less than one another.  Go out today, try one new thing that you may have read here or thought up on your own and be.... magnetic!

~Have a great day!

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