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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whispers... Day 2

I am in a personal growth challenge with some friends of mine.  Here is the back story to that challenge and how it came to be.  The blog that follows my "Ah-ha" moment of the day.  I hope anyone reading this can not only follow along with my thoughts but also find in themselves if they are struggling in this area too.  Thanks for the read!

A few days ago my girlfriend shared how she was going to make an effort for the next 21 days to limit her negative self talk.  It became clear to me that not only did I need to support her in this decision I needed to participate and share with others too.  So I sent out a group text to several of my friends and family inviting them to join us as well.

The text read:

We are gong to take the next 21 days and limit our negative self talk, the ones in our head and the ones that come out of our mouths.  I am also going to be writing something each day in my journal/blog.  No matter how short or how long I want it to be.  I would encourage you to do the same with me!


"The first step in any type of self inquiry is recognition. We have to recognize that there are parts of us that need improvement. Despite the desire of many of of us to improve our lives, there is often resistance to the whole process. It's not easy to recognize our faults or weaknesses. Many people go through the greater part of their lives unaware that they may be doing things that are hurting themselves and others. Recognition of personal strengths or weakness is a giant step in the right direction. There is tremendous liberation in the simple realization of why things are the way they are. And some fortunate instances, recognition alone is enough to break through whatever blocks we may have. More often, though, recognition is the critical first step towards transformation. Also, our recognition doesn't have to be Limited to faults. It can be in earnest desire for overall improvement. It can be the recognition of a virtue or strength that we were not fully aware of." -Change your aura Change your life. 

What will be your recognition today? With improvements negative thinking does NOT have to follow. Recognizing our areas of improvement do not have to be deemed negative. We are able, if willing, to find our faults and rather than boast in the negativity of it all we can chose to shine in the understanding and awareness!

I found myself getting caught up in my whispers today. Not whispers of my own but whispers of others rattling in my mind. Threatening the core of my well being at every turn. It dragged me to a place of sadness, doubt and self pity. It made me asks myself questions of why others do things that in the end hurt me? Why do I allow certain toxic people in my life only to get burned by them or called out by them because they think I should live my life a certain way? Why do I allow the spew of someone who is jealous of me affect me in what they think of me? Why do I doubt my own value?

Then it occurred to me....

Real friendships and relationships allow a person be what he or she really is. Most people will love you for who you pretend to be. We sometimes think to keep or find their love, we have to keep pretending. 

We get locked in that image, and it's hard for people to see us any other way. We even get so used to that image we are portraying we grow attached to our own masks. 

We can be lost without out our chains and can forget all about who we really are.

But as I have learned to break free from my mask and chains I have not mastered breaking free from the chains others hold me to. They want me to stay the same so they can feel needed. So they can feel more power or so they can feel like they are better than me to make themselves feel better.

The only power they have is the power I allow them to. 

So I hushed my whispers by reminding myself that I am good enough
I am valuable 
I am enough 
I am worthy of good things and good people 
And those who try and hold me back or try and take what is mine have to be let go in all ways.

My life is about giving, helping and caring for others. But I have to love and care for myself above all.

- Ramblings of a hungry girl! 😃

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