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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I am.......

If you have been following my blog you know these cards are called the I Am...... Cards.  The idea is to pull a card each day to read a positive affirmation to fill your mind with.  By focusing on positive thoughts, you can change how you feel and the way you think.  It's a simple way to experience life in a new and exciting way, and to explore your mind with the thought behind the "I am".... card of the day.

I am....willing

This can mean so many things and can say so much about my life, I am not sure in what direction I am to go with this card.  If I allow the negative in I think to myself someone would think I am not willing.  That person would say I am not willing to accommodate them or do what they ask or be the person they think I should be.  But I quickly dismiss this from my mind and remind myself that this is not about negative.  This is about being positive and I am.....willing.

My friend and I have been discussing the past few days how to change our lives.  We discuss how she feels when she meets someone new and what her expectations are.  If those expectations are not met right away then she is quick to move on.  Her saying is "BBG" (BITCH be GONE!)

However, it's my thought that if she changes her expectations and she changes the way she allows a person to treat her then this will change the actions that take place.  We were talking last night and I told her she had to do things differently if she expected a different outcome. 

This rings true for me and for everyone.  We all want some change in our lives and we all have this idea of what certain areas of our lives should look like but do we do what is needed to get there?  Are we willing to take new steps to get there or stay stuck in the pattern we have always been in?

For me this card means this... I am .... willing

I am willing to start making the small necessary changes in the areas of my life, my heart and my head, to get me to where I want and think I should be.  I can no longer let myself be sucked into circles of drama.  I can no longer allow what a person says to me cut my deep.  I can no longer put myself out there like I always do to try and save people.  I have to be willing to take new steps to achieve new goals.   This does not mean I cannot still help people, but it does means I don't have to be a doormat for some.  It doesn't mean that I have to inherit everyone's sadness and save them.  It means that I have to draw new boundaries and be willing to take new actions to get new results.

Positive changes aren’t a matter of will.  It's a matter of being willing to do what it takes to get me where I want to be.  When I am not willing, no matter how much I proclaim I am, change will not happen.  I do not need a strong will to succeed.  I only need willingness to whatever is required to make my goals and dreams happen.  I need to be willing to change the way I allow others to treat me.  I have to be willing to work around, go through, over or under any obstacles that get in my way.. Including myself.

Every day we must focus on our purpose and act on our plans.  Just like getting in shape physically I had to make a plan and work my plan.  The same willingness for a positive life has to be endured and the same kind of action plan has to be focused on.

Today I will make a list of things I want to see improved in my life.  It can be anything or everything it is up to me.  I will put that list on my desk, where I will see it every day, and I will read it over and over again.  So that it not only is in the forefront of my mind but I can be reminded of it and reminded that I must be open and willing to the change for it to happen.

No one is going to make my life for me.  No one can save me or make things better.  I have the power and I have the ability I just have to be willing.

I am....willing

Make it a great day! 


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