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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Days of Gratitude... Day seven!

Welcome to "Mellie's Days of Gratitude". The following days will hopefully help open your heart to the miracle of gratitude and the amazing changes that can happen when we become more grateful. Sharing this will also help me in many ways too. Life for me is about making a difference, helping someone and paying rent for my space while on this earth. Together we can support, love and honor each other while making small changes, bringing big results!
I hope you will join me!

Day 7: New Beginnings

I am a firm believer in everyday is a new opportunity to have a new beginning at your life.  The past is the past and today is the day.  You have new goals each and every morning when you wake up, regardless if they are big or small.  You have a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself than the day before.  You have a new chance on being even more happy or making others more happy in your day.  I lay my head down and night and say my prayers, ask for forgiveness for any wrong doings and ask for new strength and guidance in the dawn of the new day.

I'm grateful for this because I am able to grow and develop more each day. Today offers new insights and possibilities to try again.

Today is YOUR new day, make the most of it!


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