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Friday, May 15, 2015

Days of Gratitude... Day nine!

Welcome to "Mellie's Days of Gratitude". The following days will hopefully help open your heart to the miracle of gratitude and the amazing changes that can happen when we become more grateful. Sharing this will also help me in many ways too. Life for me is about making a difference, helping someone and paying rent for my space while on this earth. Together we can support, love and honor each other while making small changes, bringing big results!

I hope you will join me!

Day 9: Small steps to find gratitude

I am learning for myself through this process finding things or situations to be more grateful for is also allowing myself to be happier, and more satisfied with everything going on around me. With all the stress, the disappointments and all the anxiety that can surround our lives I know for myself I ask in the midst of these hard times: 

“How exactly can I be more grateful with my life?”

Some days I find myself going through the motions of repetitive activities and boring tasks to get through my day. But being a mindless zombie can make us more likely to take things for granted. Instead of doing something just for the sake of doing it, I have been trying to actually make an effort to savor and enjoy the moment. 

Yesterday I had to attend a work meeting. I told myself I was going to go into the meeting not worrying about the time is was taking away from my tasks but rather appreciate the time that each person in the meeting put into for ME. I absorbed the meeting and was thankful for the time. 

I had plans to go to the gym, I had been looking forward to it all day. My workout partner got sick, my kids were tired and crying and wanted to stay home and I had came down with a splitting headache. Instead of getting upset with myself and the circumstances because I was not going to the gym I savored the moments with my kids instead. I even put myself to bed early and shut out all stress and anxiety. I allowed myself to care for my body and soul and gave forgiveness and thanks to my life.

I'm learning that feelings of gratitude is a direct manifestation of our environments. If we feel more driven, more passionate, and more alive, we are also bound to appreciate more, live more, and be more content.

Immerse your day and surroundings with quotes of gratitude. Meditate on thoughts of gratitude in your life. Hang sayings or pictures in your home and car so you are reminded of them at every turn.

In my bedroom I have to sayings on my wall. Each time I go into my room it's a habit for me to read both of them. I don't even think about it anymore it just happens. Subconsciously I am reminding myself of these two thoughts thus being grateful for the woman I am and what I bring to the world.

Make it a day of gratitude for YOU! 

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