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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 30 something Mellie...

Dear 39 year old Mellie,

This is the last December you will spend in your 30's. soon just like the calendar your age is going to flip into a new number count.

The age you use to fear and joke about is no longer around the bend in the road, it's at the next stop sign.

But Mellie, don't fear your age because it doesn't define you. Being 40 Is going to be a privilege for you. It will mark a new era in your life, a new chapter that will eventually bring you a new sense of peace if you allow it.

In this next chapter of life focus On Your walk with God. Don't wait for someone to lead you to that relationship, go out and seek it on your own. Read God's word daily and learn the scriptures and understand that God loves you unconditionally.

No matter what happens in your earthly life the real purpose is your after life.

Mellie don't spend time worrying about other people whether they like you or not. Some people are just mean spirited and will find reasons to hate on you. Some will be jealous of you, your family, who you are married to and your success. Some will just be mean people. Don't spend time trying to figure it out and fix it. Just let go and move on.

Mellie, life was not meant to be lived in fear. Find your peace and strength in God and allow him to do his work. No matter what may or may not happen to you... You can only control so much. Let go of all that struggle and know no matter what... You will survive.

Mellie many people share with you how proud they are of you or how they admire you for your strength and dedication. Many tell you that you inspire them and they look up to you. HEAR these people and take their words to heart.

You are a good person, a good wife, a good friend and a great mother. Embrace these qualities and let them thrive in your 40's. walk through the 40 year old door with your head up high, a smile on your face and the love of God, family and friends in your heart.

God wants you to realize that you are unique and that He has a unique plan for you. He wants you to recognize that you are a work in progress and that you should learn to enjoy where you are.

Yes, soon you will be 40 and you will be fabulous! Live life happy and to the fullest and surround yourself with people who love and respect you. ... Always.

Happy soon to be birthday Mellie!

Love 39 year old Mellie

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