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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear 39 year old Mellie

Dear 39 year old Mellie,

It's exactly 20 days until you reach a new chapter in your life. In 20 short days your age card will flip to the 40's.

You have lived a full life of joy, struggles, happiness, and pain. You have saw things and lived through things you NEVER imagined you would or ever could. Some have described you as a strong women with survival written all over you.

You have loved, lost, and loved again. You put your heart and soul into your family and the dedication and strength you posses shows that.

You have tried, failed and tried again in all areas of your life always trying to better yourself for yourself and for others.

You have a love for God that is undying and yet not fully developed. Your faith keeps you going and keeps you learning.

But in the next 40 years learn how to let go. You have the ability to forgive but you need to learn to forget too. You no longer need to hold the pain from your childhood. You no longer have to live in the fear you grew up in. You no longer have to try and fix everything and everyone to keep the peace. Life is messy... It's okay, let it be messy and it's okay not to please everyone!

Your life is good. You are loved by many. You have many friends. Some people come into your life who are not meant to stay.... That's okay!!!! You don't have to try and hold onto them or allow them to try and make you feel bad. You have MANY friends who you have not seen in over a year who you can sit down with and it won't even seem like a day has passed. Treasure these friendships, love these friendships and learn that these are people who really love you.

Let go of anger and allow yourself to trust. Will you be hurt again, ABSOLUTELY but give that pain to God and allow him to ease you of it. Don't spend the next 40 years fighting old pain, allow yourself freedom and true forgiveness.

Take each day with a new deep breath and remind yourself you are loved. You are a child of God and what may come against you will NOT destroy you or control you.

Laugh more in the next 40 years. You look great with a smile on your face and life is too short not to laugh. Don't allow others to drag you into their drama.

Love like today is your last day on Earth. Love your true friends, love your family and love your God.

Travel more! Go back to weekend trips and day trips with your best friend, your hubby, don't let life get in the way. Take time out to see new places and do new things. Your children will be grown soon and then you can focus on bigger travels with your hubby. For now though, enjoy what you can do.

Finally, love yourself. Your body is your temple and your mind should be your sanctuary, not your hell. Let go of negative thoughts and doubts that creep in. Let go of the "what ifs" Live for now and for this moment in peace, prayer and harmony.

39 year old Mellie, it's been a LONG road but better things are coming your way and bigger things are going to happen.. enjoy them!

Your future is bright sister!


89 year old Mellie

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