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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A letter to my youngest daughter.......


There is so much I want to say and so many things that come to my mind when I think about you, I am overwhelmed with emotions and at a loss for words.

You came into our family as a surprise.  Your brother Reuben was just 3 months old when we learned we were having you.  Your daddy and I were excited and scared at that same time. We knew having two babies in the same house, only a year apart, would be a challenge for not only me but for our family.  What we did not know was the impact you would have on each and everyone of us. 

You have always been a good girl.  Your personality in the beginning was a quiet one.  Sure, you cried like most babies do, but you were happy to just sit and watch all the commotion around you with your siblings.  Your eyes were always watching what everyone was doing and we could tell you were always learning.  From the day your brothers and sister met you, you had them each wrapped around your tiny finger.  Reuben was by far the most curious about you but Gabriella was the one who would wanted to mother you and she always made sure you had anything you needed.  You learned this quickly and used it to your advantage.  Your favorite game was tossing things off your high chair and having her pick it back up for you-over and over again.

As you grew your bond with Reuben became apparent more so then with the other 3 siblings.  You loved everyone and everyone loved you but you and Reuben shared something between the two of you that we will never fully understand and that you both continue to have today.   Reuben is your biggest fan and your biggest protector.  Grow up understanding that and knowing that he would do anything for you and you should do the same for him.

When you look back on your baby pictures please understand, that is how your hair was!  No matter what your dad or I would do your hair would stand straight up and it always looked like you were shocked. I finally bought you a shirt that said  Daddy does my hair, because your hair was so out of control.
As you have grown over the past six years you have brought your family so much joy.  You are a confident, outgoing little girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.  You make no excuses for who you are, even at this age, but you are mindful about others and their feelings.  You are kind and respectful and you are the first person to go and try and help someone feel better if you can see they are feeling sad or insecure.  You are quick to make friends and you are even quicker to make someone feel good.

You are full of love, happiness and a witty personality that keeps your family laughing.  At times you can be demanding and inpatient but you always have a good balance with those characteristics by the kindness you show to everyone. (We are not fully sure where you got those traits from)  You love easily and you hurt easily.  As your mother I see this now and worry about you but will continue to help guide you through this ever changing  world in hopes that you will be strong enough to sustain the bad times to continue onto the good times in life. 

You have such a beautiful smile and warmness about you, when you walk into a room people notice you right away.  It's funny because when you were a baby it was the same way because of your hair standing straight up, now it's because of the beautiful personality you possess. 

You have always talked about, admired and wanted to know everything there was about being a Princess all while not knowing that you are the Princess of our family.  You are an amazing funny little girl who has the whole world at your fingertips and I know will be something big in this world.  

Elianna Grace Galvan, you are a gift from God.  You came to us unexpectedly and stole all our hearts.  I hope that you have a wonderful 6th birthday today and you fully understand how loved you are.  You will always be your mommy and daddy's little Princess.

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