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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why are we always sorry?......

Getting into the shower this morning, I went to play a song on YouTube and this commercial caught my eye and really spoke to me today.

If you really watch the video and hear how the women are represented the second time you can see how by NOT saying sorry you not only change the tone of your thoughts, but it allows a person to appear more confident and secure.

My friend and I have an inside joke about the old me. When I was in my early and mid 20's, I lived in a town called Milwaukie. This is actually the high school I graduated from as well. I lived on a street called River Road with my two boys as a single mom. I was a bit out of control at that age and time of my life. I was a good mom and my kids came first, but my attitude and the way I treated my body was out of control. I drank way too much, and I did not eat to fuel my body. Rather, I ate just to recover from the hang overs. I held two jobs, went to school full time and put my boys through private Catholic school all on my OWN. So that part of my life was in control, it was just the rest that was hanging on by a thread.

I was also not so...... nice. I would tell you what I thought and could care less about how it affected a person. I had a sharp tongue that was ruled by nothing but its own will to be heard. I would fight against anyone that came up against me, and I would go out of my way to initiate fights as well. I stood my ground right or wrong because I was NOT going to allow anyone to tell me what to do, think, or how to act. My friend calls that girl... "River Road Mellie."

I am now in my early 40's and "River Road Mellie" rarely comes out in me anymore. Over the years, as I have aged and matured and understood my actions have consequences, I have learned to keep River Road Mellie at bay.

Now, I try and show respect, keep the peace and find ways to make the world better in any small way that I can. But what has also came with this new Mellie is "Sorry Mellie". I seem to always be sorry.
If someone wrongs me, internally I blame myself for it and I apologize. If someone is rude to me I will go out of my way to be even more nice to that person as if I have done something wrong to them. At times I apologize before I speak my mind on something that is hurtful to me. I am sorry if I do not perform at the top level of my business and feel I let others down. I am sorry if I am not able to help people in their lives because it takes away from my family or my sanity. I was sorry I was diagnosed with MS because I felt as if I would be a burden to my family or appear weak. Five minutes ago, I walked past my nanny in the hallway and said sorry because I thought I was in her way! Why do we find it always in OUR vocabulary to be sorry when there is no reason to be sorry?

I have no lesson today and have no words of wisdom to shine on this subject. I am simply putting this out there for others so you can ask yourself... "Why am I always sorry?"

Perhaps watching this video will strike a core in you too and as you go about your day today, you can make little changes as well that prevent YOU from being sorry. There is nothing wrong with being kind, understanding and sympathetic, but this DOES not have to relate into being sorry all the time. We can still be strong and caring women, without being sorry all the time.

Make it a NOT sorry day.


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