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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear God-1

Dear God,

Thank you for a restless sleep last night.  My mind was fully aware of my surroundings and I was hearing the messages coming through to me.  Although I was not fully sleeping till 5 am thank you for allowing me to wake up feeling refreshed and full of hope.

Thank you for the feeling of hope.  It has been so long since it has been alive in me and I know it is because I am allowing YOU to take my issues, my fears and my worries rather than me focusing on them.  I turned from you out of anger and despair and it only brought me more heartache.  As I turn back to you, thank you for opening your arms to me and allowing me to learn, grown and heal and walk the life you want me walk.

This was not my fault.  I did not do this and I am not going to hang on the cross for it any longer. I believed in you, I believed in what was right and I set out each day to be the best person I could be in my situation and make the most of it.  I now know I do not have to make the best of the situation... I have to demand it be the best or walk away from it knowing I did all I could.

I have faith, little by little that things will work out the way I always dreamed and I have faith YOU will move mountains for me.  But I am also aware that you have three answers to prayers:  Yes, Maybe and I have something better for you.  I will follow you and wait for Your answer.

Thank you for blessing me with health today and my family with health.  Help me continue to lead my family and do an even better job working for You to bring my family closer to You and your word.

In Jesus name I pray... Amen

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