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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for the blessing of my family, for allowing me to be the parent to the five souls you have blessed me with and to help parent the soul of my nephew.  Please watch over my nieces and nephews that I do not get to see all the time or the one I never get to see.  Let them all know Your love and the Your peace and guide their parents to make good choices in regards to them.

Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of a good spirit.  It allows me to do things for my kids that I normally would not or don't want to do but will to help create a good memory for them.  Thank you for giving me the gift of laughter and humor to share with them also.  It's my desire for my children to grow and when they think back to their childhood their memories will be of a good childhood.  They will know they were loved tough to build them up and they were loved freely to give them joy in their lives.  This is the desire I have for them.

Lord bless my friends who are struggling with sick family members.  Help the person who is passing to go in peace and pain free and be welcomed into your kingdom.  Send Your angels to wrap love around those whom are left and help their spirits rejoice in the time their family member was on this earth.

Please bless those who are less fortunate than us and please bless those who come against us.

In Jesus Name I pray... Amen!

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