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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

W O D 08 13 2014 Back Day

Like most days when I go to the gym I already have my plan on what part of the body I am going to work on.  Having a plan for the day allows me to be able to go into the gym and get down to business and not be one of these people walking around.  Not usually I will add little things here and there to keep myself moving and burning calories unless I am going really heavy and need a full rest.

At this point in my workouts my goal is to drop some weight and tone up.  I am not looking to get bigger in any area just more toned.  So my workouts are medium weight tolerance for me and high reps.

Today is back day:

Pull-Up-machine assisted: 

80lbs X 15 -4 sets

Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down: 

50lbs X 15, 90 lbs X 12, 90lbs X 12, 90lbs X 12, 50 lbs X Failure

Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row:

50lbs X 15, 50lbs X 15, 50lbs X 15, 50lbs X 15

Dumbbell Rows: (each arm)

15lbs X 12, 15lbs X 12, 15lbs X12, 15lbs X 12


20 X 4 sets

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