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Friday, August 8, 2014

WOD 08 07 2014 Back, Butt & Guts!

Wow, I am tired.  I set a weekly goal this week on getting back into my Cardio routine and getting to the gym more often.  With my job the end of the month is my crunch time not only to get the most in the door the final week but to get a jump start on the next month coming.  This can leave me pretty worn out at the end of my day and thus keeps me from going to the gym.  It was important to ME that I spend THIS week really focused and trying to get back on track.

Unfortunately I did not succeed at the Cardio sessions that I had mapped out for myself.  I did get a few in but not what I had initially planned.  I will not beat myself up however because I did manage to get to the gym every single day this week and I made some changes in my food intake that are showing good results in my body, and for me that is a success!

Yesterday was back day.  I love how my back looks strong and I really want to continue working on all areas of my body to be more tone.  This does not mean I am trying to be all muscular like a man would look, it simply means for ME I like the look strong and I take pride in walking around and being able to see that my body shows off the different muscles I have.  For me, I do not like to look soft.

So here is the workout that my workout partner and I did.  I think by Saturday morning she will be texting me that she can not lift her hands above her head and I will simply respond in ...... laughter.  (smile)

Wide Grip Lat Pull-down

40lbs X 15, 40lbs X15, 60lbs X 15, 60lbs X 15, 90lbs X 8, 90lbs X 8, 40lbs X failure

One Arm Dumbbell Row

15 lbs X 15 (each arm) 15lbs X 15, 25lbs X 10, 25lbs X10, 15lbs X 15

Bent Over Barbell Row

35lb straight bar X 15, 35lb straight bar X 15,35lb straight bar X 15,

Underhand Cable Pull-downs

50lbs X20, 50lbs X20, 50lbs X20, 50lbs X20

Seated Chess Press ( I threw this one in for shits and giggles)

90lbs X10, 90lbs X10, 90lbs X10, 90lbs X10

Overall this was a quick workout for us, but I felt like we hit the points I wanted to target and stressed our muscles to fatigue.  There were a few other movements I wanted to get done but time and availability on the equipment proved to be against me.  I left the gym feeling good about my workout and excited to be returning the next day to work my next target area!

I did the Mellie's Butt & Guts challenge: https://www.facebook.com/events/252892194921344/  when I got home!  All in all yesterday was a GREAT day!

Make is a great day!


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